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What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Style

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A kitchen isn’t just the place you cook your food, so you should compromise on style just to improve functionality. In theory, having a piece of kitchen furniture in the middle of the space seems like a bad idea, but modern kitchens often have it: the kitchen island, a stylish and completely functional design that can completely revamp your space.

Kitchen cabinets are often the type of kitchen accoutrements chosen from the perspective of their utility, specifically how many items they allow you to store in them. But if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, why not opt for new cabinets too?

Below, the experts at Nicholas Carpentry have chosen 5 of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles a lot of Australian homeowners can’t get enough of. Use this list as inspiration to improve your kitchen design project.

1. Glass Front Cabinet

Glass-front cabinets are a stylish choice that makes room for a lot of creativity. You can pretty much choose any paint colour for the cabinet frame and create a very stunning look for your new kitchen.

The glass doors add an extra touch of balance and you can see the neatly organised dishes and other kitchen accessories behind them. In terms of function, well, it’s always great to be able to see where things are before you opt for the cabinet door.

You can also mix and match with this option, and have classic cabinet door styles at the bottom, and put the glass doors on the upper cabinets.

2. White Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet | Nicholas Carpentry

Another popular cabinet is the white cabinet. In fact, an entirely white kitchen is a very popular choice for new kitchen designs, especially if you want to make a statement.

Kitchens are often not associated with white or other light colours because homeowners worry about their upkeep. In truth, it’s easy for a kitchen to get dirty, but if you’re willing to be a bit more diligent with maintenance, a white-styled kitchen is a very classy option.

Or, just opting for white cabinets can work as well, especially if you have darker colours in your kitchen to create a nice contrast.

3. Open Shelving

Why go for a cabinet at all? Open shelving is an increasingly popular cabinet choice for a lot of Australian kitchens.

Like with the glass door style, open shelving is a commitment to organisation, since all your accessories are in full view for everyone to see. But, it can be a very practical choice especially if you don’t have space for cabinets.

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4. Shaker Style Cabinets

You can never go wrong with the classic and minimal design of the shaker-style cabinets. The flat centre panel and square edges are simple and elegant, and they give you the creativity to experiment with more colour and other design elements without worrying about going overboard.

They are especially great if you want natural wood but don’t necessarily want a rustic feeling.

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