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Types of Kitchen Cabinets [Guide]

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When it comes to the heart of the home – the kitchen – cabinetry plays a pivotal role. Cabinets are essential for storage, help define the aesthetic of your kitchen, and are a key consideration in kitchen renovations. This guide from Nicholas Carpentry will help you understand the basic types of kitchen cabinets, providing you with valuable insights for your next kitchen project.

1. Base Cabinets

The workhorse of kitchen cabinetry, base cabinets, are installed on the floor and support your countertops. They provide considerable storage space, perfect for pots, pans, and small kitchen appliances. They typically measure 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Base cabinets may include drawers, doors, or a combination of both.

2. Wall Cabinets

Also known as upper cabinets, wall cabinets hang from the wall, usually above the countertops. They’re perfect for storing items you frequently use, like dishes and glasses. Wall cabinets often reach the ceiling in modern kitchen designs, maximizing storage space. However, they typically stand about 12-18 inches deep, less than base cabinets.

3. Tall Cabinets

Also known as pantry cabinets, these extend from floor to ceiling, providing ample storage for food, small appliances, and cleaning supplies. They usually stand beside refrigerators or at the end of cabinet rows. Their heights typically range from 84 to 96 inches.

4. Kitchen Island Cabinets

A kitchen island serves as the focal point in many modern kitchens. Island cabinets offer additional storage space and often house a second sink or cooktop. The cabinets and drawers beneath can be designed in any style to complement the overall kitchen cabinet design.

Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing the right door style is crucial as it is the most visible design element of your kitchen cabinetry. Here are the basic types of kitchen cabinet doors:

1. Flat Panel

Flat panel doors are a perfect fit for a modern kitchen design. They offer a clean, minimalistic look with a flat center panel and square edges.

2. Raised Panel

More commonly seen in traditional styles, raised panel doors feature a center panel that’s elevated from the rest of the door. The detail adds depth and dimension to your kitchen cabinetry.

Custom, Semi-Custom, and Stock Cabinets

Lastly, when choosing your cabinets, you’ll encounter three categories based on customization:

1. Stock Cabinets

These are pre-manufactured in standard sizes and styles. They offer less customization but are more affordable and quick to install.

2. Semi-Custom Cabinets

These offer more flexibility with dimensions and styles. You can adjust depth, and width, and choose from a range of finishes and details.

3. Custom Cabinets

These are built to your specifications, offering endless possibilities in terms of materials, finishes, styles, and configurations. They’re the most expensive but provide a unique, tailored look.

In conclusion, your choice of kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer wood cabinets or painted ones, traditional styles or a modern look, always consider your kitchen’s layout, storage needs, and your personal style.

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