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Tips For Renovating A Small Bathroom

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Dealing with a small bathroom? A home improvement project with a few strategic bathroom remodel moves can greatly improve both the style and function of any small bathrooms.

Here are the top 6 expert tiny bathroom renovation tips and tricks from Nicholas Carpentry:

1. Choose the Right Tile

For small spaces, you never want to opt for tiny tiles, as this can make it feel like your bathroom is even more cramped than it is.

Large tiles can create the illusion of a more generous space, and they are a great choice if you need to replace the floor tiles and give the impression there is a lot more floor space to work with.

If you’re also looking for wall tiles options, go for a glossy tile. While they are not a good fit for flooring, a glassy tile on the wall can reflect extra light into the bathroom, making it all more spacious.

2. Play with the Colour

Dark colours create the illusion that the space is smaller than it normally is, so even if you have a preference for darker hues, a small bathroom will greatly benefit from a light colour.

If you’re changing the tiles, you can hit two birds with one bathroom renovation move and simply opt for a tile in a lighter shade that will make the bathroom look brighter.

3. Move the Towel Bar

Traditional bathroom designs don’t always work on small bathrooms, so having a wall mounted towel bar can ‘eat up’ valuable space. Wall hung towels crowd the area and make it seem too busy, even unorganized.

Instead, you can mount the towel bar on the bathroom door, a space that is often not leveraged at all in bathroom renovations.

4. Change the Shower Door

If your shower door opens to the exterior, leaving it open will use up space needlessly, and make the room feel suffocating. A sliding shower door is much more efficient, or even just removing it altogether.

A shower curtain is a much better fit for small spaces, as it will prevent the water from getting anywhere just as well as the shower door, and you can easily take it to the side. Opt for a lighter colour, and you’ll have another element that makes your bathroom look brighter.

5. Mirror the Wall

If you remove the wall hung towels, the wall space is not free to have an additional mirror, which will also create the illusion of a bigger space to work with. This is a great option especially if you cannot fit a mirror above your sink.

6. Turn it into a Powder Room (for Multiple Bathrooms)

If you have multiple bathrooms, the smaller one can be converted to a powder room and used just for freshening up and your guests. It can still be a functional bathroom in the sense that you don’t have to take out the toilet paper from there, but if you remove the shower or bathtub you can completely revamp this area.

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