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How Do You Modernise a Laundry Room?

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A well-designed, modern laundry room can increase function and add value to your home. Gone are the days when laundry rooms were functional spaces hidden away in small rooms or basements. Today, these rooms are getting great attention with a full designer treatment.

But how do you modernise your laundry room to make it look good and simplify household chores? Here are a few renovation ideas you may want to consider when modernising your laundry room.

Here is how to modernise a laundry room!

Plan a space for your laundry room

The first step to creating a modern laundry room is deciding on an ideal space for the laundry room. Then plan the laundry room layout within that area. Some laundry areas are dedicated exclusively to doing laundry, but you can still include multiple functions in one room.

A small laundry can utilise a gallery-style laundry layout with a long narrow space with cabinets and washing machines on the side. An L-shaped laundry area layout can provide ample storage for larger spaces.

Add Storage Space

You may also want to add sufficient storage space to make everything easily accessible. In most kitchens, open shelving is useful for displaying glasses and dishes. But this might not be the best storage option for a laundry area where detergents and bottles of stain remover and fabric softener are rarely worth showing off. Consider installing closed storage to make these items safe and easily accessible. You can also add drapery rods beneath the upper cabinets or run ordinary closet rods side by side.

Focus on Modern, Decorative Lighting

Another easy way to modernise your laundry room is to incorporate a modern, beautiful light fixture. Modern laundry room lighting options like pendants can add character and illuminate your space. Other decorative elements like accent wall lighting, sculptural objects, framed artwork, and accessories can make your laundry room more attractive.

Get Modern Washer and Drier

The laundry washer and dryer are crucial components of your laundry room. Thus, it’s important to shop for modern options to save water, increase efficiency, and make washing dirty laundry a little less strenuous. You may also want to install a modern laundry room sink to simplify your cleaning activities.

Select the Best Laundry Room Flooring

To complement the rest of the laundry room features, choose the best type of flooring that withstands moisture and maintains its dimension when soaked. Vinyl flooring, concrete floors, ceramic, and porcelain tile can work well in laundry areas.

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