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How Can I Make My Small Laundry Room More Functional?

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The laundry room is one of the most ignored areas of a home. If you’re not the type of person who likes doing laundry, a few laundry organisational tips can help reduce the load. This post will help you formulate small laundry room design ideas for maximising your laundry room space. Let’s delve in.

  • Sort and Fold Clothes

Sorting and folding are laundry chores that can effectively help save space. Having loads of light, black and white clothes all in one place on your laundry day isn’t a pleasurable experience. Separate laundry baskets can help you put your dirty clothes into their respective positions. Folding clothes can help homeowners get the most out of their small laundry rooms.

  • Include a Hanging Rod or a Drip Dry Rack

Create some space for a hanging rod or drying rack to facilitate the hanging of wet clothes where necessary. Wall-mounted drying racks can provide functionality without taking up much space. A mounted drying rack that folds against the laundry room’s walls can also be a significant investment.

  • Get Some Additional Storage From Your Laundry Room Door

Your laundry room doors are a perfect resource that shouldn’t be overlooked. Hanging hooks can help organise or dry clothes, freeing up space elsewhere. You can also consider using a hanging organiser to provide room for storing items that are not frequently used.

  • Don’t Forget Your Laundry Rooms Lighting

Brighter laundry rooms are more extensive. If you allow natural light to penetrate the shelves and corners, your eyes will include the square footage in the mental calculation of the space size. Since people are more inclined to view things vertically, consider installing tall lamps near the ceiling. If necessary. The pendant light will light up the room without consuming a lot of space

  • Invest in a Stackable Dryer and Washer

One of the most effective laundry room design ideas is to ensure your washer and dryer take up as little space as possible. Stackable appliances will occupy the available vertical space and leave considerable square footage for walkways, storage, and other needs.

  • Get an Ironing Board that Suits Your Needs

Considering that ironing boards are not to be accessed every time, consider investing in one that you can easily fold into a nook when not in use. We Can Help Make Your Laundry Rooms More Functional Nicholas Carpentry & Handyman Services is an industry leader in Laundry renovations in Australia. Whether you want to add new floor tiles or completely change the appearance of your laundry room, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to discover more about our services.

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