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Top 5 Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

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Feeling cramped in your kitchen? Dreaming of a spacious kitchen island, sparkling stainless steel appliances, and a sunny breakfast nook? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Even if your kitchen is small, there’s plenty you can do to make it feel larger. Here are the top 5 tricks recommended by interior designers to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger.

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

1. Choose the Right Paint Colours

The colour scheme in your kitchen can greatly affect how big or small it feels. Light colours are known to make a space feel open and airy, largely because they reflect light. Using a light colour, particularly white, on your walls and cabinet doors, will help bounce light around the room, making it feel larger. For a touch of style, try a two-toned scheme. This approach uses a darker colour for lower cabinets and a lighter shade for upper ones. The lighter upper cabinets will draw your eye upwards, giving the impression of a larger space.

2. Opt for a Mirroring Backsplash

This is a trick borrowed straight from the world’s top interior designers: a mirroring backsplash. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a mirror – any material that reflects light, like a polished stainless steel or a glossy tile, can give the same effect. The reflection will not only make the space seem larger, but also add a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen.

3. Invest in Open Shelving

An open shelving concept can be a game-changer for a smaller kitchen. Traditional cabinet doors can make a kitchen feel enclosed, while open shelves give the illusion of more space. They also offer an opportunity to display your favourite dishes, glassware, or cookbooks, adding personality to the kitchen. If you’re worried about losing storage space, consider using the lower cabinets for items you’d rather keep out of sight.

4. Enhance Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is your best friend when trying to make a small space feel bigger. It illuminates the corners, making your kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. If possible, avoid heavy window treatments and let the light stream in freely. If privacy is a concern, consider light, airy curtains or translucent shades that maintain brightness while shielding from prying eyes.

5. Utilise Your Kitchen Island

If your small kitchen has a kitchen island, make the most of it. It can double as a storage space, a casual dining area, and a preparation space all at once. If you don’t have one, a rolling island can be a good investment. It can be moved around as needed, providing flexibility in a small space.

In a smaller kitchen, every inch counts. So, think strategically about how to use your space. Use these tips as a starting point, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Remember, even a small kitchen can have big style!

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