How to plan a laundry renovation

How to Plan a Laundry Renovation?

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Your laundry space might be small, but it is often the cluttered area of some of your household items. From reorganising your washing machine and dryer area to adding drying racks and clotheslines, renovating your laundry room can be a practical step towards improving the spaces of your home.

4 Steps on How to Successfully Plan a Laundry Renovation.

1. Consider your budget and needs

Think about what you need and want in your current laundry room. Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you want to incorporate a sink or folding area? Make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Knowing your needs and how much money you allot will help you guide in your decision-making process and ensure that you don’t overspend.

2. Measure your space

Before you plan a laundry renovation make sure that it meets your needs. Measure the dimensions of your current laundry room and consider how you can best use the space. Sketch out a rough layout to help you visualise how the current room will look like.

3. Hire a contractor

It can be a good idea to hire a contractor if you plan a laundry renovation. Professionals can help you maximise your space and can better execute. At Nicholas Carpentry, our team of experienced professionals handle the necessary work needed for your overall planning and remodelling. From enhancing laundry room style and appearance, to creating space for new appliances and fixtures, we customise laundry room designs that exceed our clients’ expectations.

4. Timeline setting

Working with contractors and professionals help you especially the nitty-gritty part of planning a renovation. Depending on the scope of work, contractors will provide you a detailed project schedule that outlines each specific task and the expected completion date. Just keep good communication to manage timelines of the different phases of the renovation project.

Why Should You Consider Renovating Your Laundry Space?

An upgrade makes your laundry task easier and more efficient

Planning your laundry becomes an easy task if you have an efficient space to work with. Perhaps you want to add a sink for pre-treating stains, or install an open shelving for your cleaning products, then an upgrade might just be what you need. Allowing features and add-ons can create a more efficient way to do your laundry stuff.

A well-designed laundry area can be convenient for you and your family

A high-quality renovated laundry room increases convenience such as adding a counter space for folding or ironing board area. Having dedicated areas can make it easier and more convenient to put away laundry. You no longer need another room just to take clean clothes to iron or fold.

Your laundry space deserves an aesthetic makeover

Enhancing your laundry space can be visually appealing. With some thoughtful design and organisation, you can rebuild a laundry room that is functional, aesthetic and even enjoyable to use. Afterall, we don’t want the pain of hand washing, right? Working in an organised washing area incorporates all the basic essentials of doing laundry.

An organised laundry room maximises storage

If you particularly want to revamp your custom cabinetry, then a renovation maximises your storage. This can store all the basic and much needed essentials of doing laundry. Adding shelving, cabinetry, or other storage solutions keep your laundry space organised and clutter-free.


Renovating your laundry room can create a more functional, convenient, and pleasing area that meets the needs of your household. This can potentially increase the value of your home, particularly if you add high-quality finishes and appliances.

Plan out your laundry room renovation with us. Contact Nicholas Carpentry today to request for a free quote or consultation.