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How to Do Laundry Renovation on a Budget?

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Whether you are on a budget or not, the cost of renovating your laundry room can quickly get out of proportion. Considering that your laundry room is not where you and your guests spend a lot of time, improving the space’s style and functionality doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Once you have a budget limit, it is up to you to get creative with how you spend money on the project. Here are some of the best ways to do laundry renovation with a budget.

  • Get Affordable Materials

Your laundry requires a washing machine, dryer, iron, iron board, drying and good storage options for laundry additives and stain removers. Shopping for cheap renovation materials should be your first step to ensure you have a low-cost renovation project. It is easy to find and compare the prices of different renovation materials online.

Comparing products from different brands allows you to leverage low prices and ensure you get high-quality products. If you are ready to spend time researching top renovation brands, you will definitely find most products you need at a low cost. However, it is advisable to work with a laundry renovations expert throughout the process.

  • Work with a Professional

While hiring a contractor may seem counterproductive, it is one of the best ways to save money and time spent on your project. Think of a laundry renovation contractor as an event planner who coordinates activities and brings everything necessary to make your project successful.

A successful laundry renovation includes many steps, including designing, scheduling, and construction. A professional contractor will help you plan for the project. At Nicholas Carpentry & Handyman Services, we have the in-house resources and expertise to complete your project per your budget limits.

No laundry renovation project is too small or complex for us. Our relationship with leading home renovations product providers has enabled us to source affordable renovation materials on your behalf.

  • Add a Colour Palette

Sometimes, all your laundry needs is a bit of colour. Look around the laundry room to check whether you want to accent a unique feature. A colour palette is an excellent idea for homeowners looking to add style cost-effectively.

  • Replace Benchtops

Choose a modern granite, engineered stone, marble or laminate benchtop to reduce the overall cost of the renovation project. Whichever material you choose, ensure it is affordable and resistant to moisture. You should also consider the durability of the material you select for your benchtops.

Save Money with Our Laundry Renovation Services

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