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How Frequently Should You Renovate Your Bathroom

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Bathroom renovations is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Wondering how often you should renovate a powder room or full bathroom? In this guide from Nicholas Carpentry, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

How Often Should People Renovate Their Bathrooms?

There’s no hard and fast rule for the frequency of bathroom renovations. The amount of time will vary between each owner depending on their tastes, preferences, age and style of the home, and more.

However, most homeowners renovate a bathroom at least once while they own the home. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are both very expensive, so they are usually done only about every 10-20 years at most.

A bathroom remodel is a good way to update your home decor, modernize your real estate, and make sure you have a comfortable, enjoyable place for your daily routine.

When Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

So, homeowners typically renovate bathrooms every 10-20 years. But when should you make the investment in a bathroom remodelling? Here are a few signs that your bathroom space could use an update.

  • When you or your family’s needs change – If you have a child, for example, you may want to replace a standalone shower in your master bath with a tub shower, so that your child can be bathed in the tub. Or, if you are aging in your home, you may need non-slip flooring, a new “zero-entry” shower, and safety grab bars to make sure you stay safe while using your bathroom.
  • When your bathroom design is outdated – If your bathroom has tacky wallpaper, outdated and ugly fixtures, or any other design issues that make it feel outdated or ugly, you may want to look into a bathroom remodelling. You can address the style issues with your bathroom, renovate it for a modern look, and make sure you take current bathroom trends into account. The look and feel of your bathroom are very important, so this is a great reason to remodel.
  • When you’re having issues with bathroom functionality – Short on storage space? Having issues with the brightness of wall sconces? Got a faulty toilet or shower that seems to be leaking, or broken and cracked floor tiles? Serious problems with the functionality and safety of your bathroom are a sure sign that it’s time to invest in a bathroom renovation in Sydney.
  • When you want a new layout – Sometimes, a bathroom may simply not have the right layout for you. If you have a cramped bathroom with a large tub and a large bathroom vanity, for example, you may want to add a floating sink, a self-contained shower, and recessed built-in wall shelving to reduce the footprint of these fixtures, and provide yourself with more space to move around in the bathroom – while maintaining its functionality.

If you think that your bathroom could use some work in Sydney, you’re probably right! If any of these reasons look familiar, get in touch with an experienced house renovation contractor like Nicholas Carpentry to get a free quote.

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