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    Room Renovations Sydney

    At Nicholas Carpentry, we specialise in room renovations of all sizes and scopes. Whether you’re looking to convert an unused space into a home office, expand a child’s bedroom, or completely remodel a kitchen or bathroom, our experienced team can help.

    Benefits of Room Renovations

    A well-planned room renovation can provide numerous benefits:

    • Increased home value. Remodelling projects often yield a high return on investment. Upgraded spaces can significantly boost your home’s resale value.
    • Improved functionality. We can reconfigure and renovate rooms to better suit your lifestyle needs. Custom storage solutions, layout changes, and updated amenities can optimise how you use the space.
    • Energy efficiency upgrades. New windows, insulation, HVAC systems, and appliances can reduce monthly utility bills while making your home more comfortable.
    • Customised design. Our room makeovers help reflect your personal style. We can incorporate custom carpentry, new finishes, and high-end fixtures picked out by you.
    • Improved accessibility. Renovations allow us to update spaces to be more accessible for homeowners with limited mobility or other special needs.
    Home Extensions & Additions | Nicholas Carpentry
    Home Extensions & Additions | Nicholas Carpentry

    Why Choose Nicholas Carpentry?

    With over 20 years of experience, Nicholas Carpentry has the expertise to take on renovations of any scale. Here’s what sets us apart:

    • Licensed and insured. Our owner Steven Nicholas is a licensed builder. All projects are fully permitted and insured for your protection.
    • Dedicated project manager. A Nicholas Carpentry project manager will oversee your job from start to finish, ensuring excellent communication and results.
    • Skilled craftsmanship. Our carpenters complete precise work and follow best practices for long-lasting quality and aesthetics.
    • Seamless process. We handle all details from design to clean up. Our upfront estimates and transparent pricing eliminate surprises.
    • Attention to detail. From fine carpentry to finishing touches, we focus on getting every aspect perfect for you.
    • Reliable and friendly. Many of our clients are recurring and refer us to family and friends due to our dependable service.

    Room Renovation Options

    Some of our most popular room renovation services include:

    Home Office Renovations

    • Conversions of spare bedrooms, basements, attics
    • Built-in desk and shelving units
    • Cabinetry for storage and organisation
    • Electrical upgrades for computers and devices
    • Lighting for task work
    • Soundproofing for privacy

    Bedroom Expansions

    • Knocking down walls to combine rooms
    • Built-in closets, desks, and shelving
    • Attic conversions for extra bedrooms
    • Basement remodels for bedrooms and living space
    • Bathroom additions for suite style

    We also remodel living rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, attics, basements, garages, bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor living spaces. If you have a vision for renovating any room in your home, we can make it happen!

    The Nicholas Carpentry Renovation Process

    1. Consultation – We’ll visit your home to discuss your goals, assess the space, and provide renovation ideas.
    2. Proposal and Estimate – You’ll receive a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work and costs. We’ll revise it until you’re satisfied.
    3. Contract – Once we agree on the project details and pricing, we’ll draw up a contract protecting both parties.
    4. Permits – If required, we’ll obtain local building permits for the project on your behalf.
    5. Preparation – We’ll cover and protect your furnishings, belongings, and adjacent areas from dust and debris.
    6. Demolition – If needed, we’ll tear out old materials to prepare the space for new construction.
    7. Project Build – This main phase includes all new construction, upgrades, and installations over a timeline we establish.
    8. Finishing Touches – At the end, we’ll clean, haul away debris, install fixtures, seal surfaces, and complete all final details.
    9. Walkthrough and Payment – We’ll do a final walkthrough so you can inspect the finished renovation before making your final payment.

    Throughout the project, our project manager will keep you informed of progress and next steps. We also offer flexible payment options for your convenience.

    Our attention to every detail takes the stress out of renovating rooms in your home. Contact Nicholas Carpentry to get started transforming your spaces today!

    Home Extensions & Additions | Nicholas Carpentry

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